What is Wild Things Editing?

Kim, Maria, Megan, Timon, and Amy run Wild Things Editing. They have been freelance editing separately for years, working with authors from an array of genres and marketplaces, including YA, MG, NA, Adult, romance, paranormal, fantasy, mystery, thrillers, horror, contemporaries, historical fiction, and women’s fiction.

We have been providing critiquing services independently since 2011. In 2014, we joined together to provide excellent critiques here at The Wild Things Editing.

Authors on all levels need to work with professional editors to make their books ready for the public. Whether your manuscript needs a copy edit to tighten and work on grammar, a thorough line edit, or an initial assessment with an editorial note, Wild Things Editing can help tame any problems.

Have a question for us? Ask awayOr have you already looked over the full manuscript and small services we offer and ready to book services?



Query Help

Having trouble with your query letter? Your synopsis? Your submission package? If so, we can help! 

Query Services

Manuscript Services 

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Have a manuscript that you want critiqued? We can help! We have various levels of critiques for manuscripts, and we are more than happy to help you decide which level you might need. We will help you pinpoint plot issues, character arc problems, and tell you what tropes/cliches/marketable troubles you might have as well.

Manuscript Services

Writing Coach 

Kim and Megan offer an exclusive number of writing coach services every year. Currently, Kim has two openings for 2016. Megan has one current openings. A writing coach goes beyond the typical manuscript critique. With this, they'll coach you from first draft to final, polished product. You'll get three critiques, Skype sessions, and a constant source of revision help and guidance. 

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